Adopt a Clerk

Are you a newly appointed or elected Clerk or a Clerk who would like additional assistance to guide you in your duties and responsibilities associated with your position? Become a member of the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association and take advantage of this program. You could get a mentor to help you.

A Mentor is an experienced City, Village, or Town Clerk, located within your Wisconsin Municipal Clerk Association District, who will be able to share with you the experience and knowledge gained through years of service and on whom you can call when you are unsure how to proceed with a task.

You will be matched whenever possible with a Clerk from a municipality of similar population, geographic location and similar duties.


Becoming a Mentor

If you’ve been a Municipal Clerk for three or more years and are willing to help a new clerk adjust to the duties of his/her position, please complete and mail the “Adopt A Clerk Program” form. Your name will be kept on file for matching with a new clerk from a municipality of similar population and type of duties. When a new clerk match is made, you will be contacted immediately, in writing, so you can begin to offer your guidance.


If you have any further questions regarding the Adopt-a-Clerk Program and how to get a mentor or becoming a mentor, you can contact the WMCA Office or the Chair of the Mentoring Committee - Nikki Elsen.