Our First Vendor Spotlight Article presents - Ehlers & Associates, Inc.

Our First Vendor Spotlight Article presents - Ehlers & Associates, Inc.

16th May 2012

Faith Elford

Why Should WMCA Members Choose Ehlers for Your Community’s Financial Guidance?

Since 1955, Ehlers has designed financial solutions to help counties, municipalities, towns, school districts and other governmental units build better communities in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest. We’re experts at financing public sector projects including schools, civic buildings, water and sewer systems, parks, roadway construction, and community development and redevelopment projects. Community leaders rely on us for our debt issuance, financial planning, tax incremental finance, and economic development services.

As an independent financial advisory firm, Ehlers has a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, and our client’s alone.  Our mission is to design customized financial solutions to help grow their communities. We accomplish this by assisting clients in strategically planning projects and balancing fiscal implications for the short and long term.

Ehlers is recognized—and highly ranked—throughout the Midwest and nationally for its accomplishments in the area of public finance. In addition, we have nurtured decades-long partnerships with many of our clients. It’s not unusual for Ehlers to have worked consistently with clients for 30 or 40 years. These relationships are important to us, and we take pride in the trust and loyalty demonstrated by so many of our clients over the years. In fact, we’ve had a presence in Wisconsin since 1966, and have been located in Brookfield since 1986. That’s just a few years after WMCA was formed.

There are five main reasons why WMCA Members should consider working with Ehlers in the best interest of their community.

Independent – Financial advice should be free of conflicts of interest. We are regulated municipal advisors. Ehlers will not work for underwriters, developers or the private sector. Our allegiance is to the local governments we serve. Because we represent municipal issuers of debt, and not investors, we are aligned with the interests of public officials and the citizens they serve.

Fiduciary Responsibility – We adhere to all fiduciary regulations as a true independent financial advisory firm. Because we don’t share in underwriting fees, we can remain your trusted partner at the critical time when your bonds are priced.

‘Hands on’ Experience – Over half of Ehlers’ Financial Advisors have held elective office or government positions. Our team of professionals bring with them years of direct public service before joining the Ehlers team. Ehlers staff members benefit from the perspective of many years of work in local government management, county administration, school district administration, regional planning, state agency services and state legislative support. They have a clear understanding of the complexities of the municipal market, our clients’ financial objectives, and the state and federal regulations that dictate how governments may budget, borrow and plan.

Customized Options – Every service we deliver focuses on customization to a community’s unique situation, objectives and needs. Our firm’s tagline, ‘Leaders in Public Finance’, was chosen with care. Over the years, Ehlers has consistently demonstrated its willingness—and more significantly, our ability—to pursue cutting-edge initiatives that benefit our clients and expand the scope of services we provide.

Employee-Owned – At Ehlers, all employees have ownership through an employee stock ownership trust. As an employee-owned firm, providing exceptional service to our clients takes on a special meaning.

As WMCA Members, your goal is to improve the administration of local government and to benefit your position as the City, Town or Village Clerk or Deputy Clerk. Ehlers Financial Advisors help you make informed decisions in the best interest of your community.

Ehlers’ Team members in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois are passionate about what they do. They are highly experienced, highly motivated and highly talented. They thrive on the challenges their clients face—and on providing customized, creative solutions for their clients’ concerns; they take pride in the long-term relationships they have developed over the years; and they look forward to making a difference for communities. They embrace the company’s mission statement: “designing outstanding financial solutions for outstanding communities.”

Contact Ehlers for more ways we can be of service to you and your community.

375 Bishops Way, Suite 225
Brookfield, WI 53005-6202
(262) 785-1520