News from the WMCA State Election Communication Committee

News from the WMCA State Election Communication Committee

13th February 2013

Faith Elford

As you have probably noticed the Legislature has been busy drafting proposed legislation pertaining to elections. Click on this link for a list of “Recently Introduced Proposals”.

Please review the attached proposed Bill and send your comments to your representatives addressing how, if passed this would affect your municipality. This proposal should be of interest to all municipalities no matter what your size as it pertains to required hours of operation for the issuance of absentee ballots. 2013 Bill Amending 6.86(1)(b)

Also it is beneficial if you send your comments to the Election Committees in both the Senate and Assembly. Their emails can be found using these links.

Senate Committee on Elections and Urban Affairs

Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections

If possible please post your response on the WMCA Clerklist email network. It would help everyone understand the importance and diverse impact of these issues.

Thank you all for your support in helping to address the importance and impact of these proposals.

WMCA State Election Communication Committee

Diane Hermann-Brown WCPC/CMC/CPM, City of Sun Prairie, Co-Chair
Vikki Zuehlke WCMC Village of Waterford, Co-Chair
Chris Astrella WCMC, Town of Blooming Grove
Barbara Goeckner WCPC/MMC, Village of Germantown
Melissa Hongisto , Village of Suamico
Carla Ledesma CMC, City of Wauwatosa
Sara Ludtke WCMC, Town of Middleton
Sue Peck , Village of Marshall
Charlene Peterson WCMC/CMC, City of Appleton
Karen Weinschrott WCMC, Town of Grand Chute
Maribeth Witzel-Behl WCMC, City of Madison
Nancy Zastrow WCMC/CMC, Village of Pewaukee