December Vendor Spotlight - Payment Service Network, Inc.

December Vendor Spotlight - Payment Service Network, Inc.

11th December 2012

Faith Elford

Simplify Your Business Day!

Pay bills online, sure. View bills online, sure. Those capabilities are expected from your community’s residents. And quite honestly, it is easy for you to do. There are many companies who can process online payments and some who can post your bills online. But one company, a Wisconsin-based company in fact, wants you to know just how different its solutions are and how they can simplify your business day.

Payment Service Network (PSN), headquartered in Madison and which serves over 70 Wisconsin communities as well as thousands of customers nationwide, goes well beyond the typical payment processor. “We believe in letting the community ‘build’ a system which best suits their business needs as well as their residents needs,” commented Mike Garbutt, Director of Operations at PSN. “Our specialists will work with you to help you choose which of the many PSN solutions to ‘turn on.’” For instance, you can choose which payment methods you want to offer your residents. You can opt for eChecks, credit/debit cards, paper checks, money orders and even cash—PSN can take any form of payment and turn it into an ePayment! Next you choose how you want them to pay—online, via phone, operator assisted, cash payment locations, by mail to a PSN lockbox or your office. PSN even can capture payments coming through banks’ bill pay systems and route the funds to you electronically—imagine, no more bank-issued checks. Whatever options you choose, all payments can flow through the PSN system allowing your staff one place to view payments in real time and one file to download for automatic posting to your software. “We truly save staff resources, reduce costs, eliminate data-entry errors, move more dollars faster through the financial e- network and enhance your residents’ experience,” noted Garbutt.

But PSN doesn’t stop there. As your online portal, PSN can also post your bills online—an extremely simple process. Your residents will love the convenience and your efforts to be “green.” More importantly, you can post bills for as little as a penny per bill and drive down printing and mailing costs with a downloadable opt-out-of-paper-bills feature. And your staff can email duplicate bills to your residents without having to print and mail them.  To make sure your residents know their most current balances due, daily updates can be made to assure they are paying the proper amount.

“Consolidation and data sharing are the two most important features for which Wisconsin communities have praised PSN,” said Garbutt. “And Wisconsin residents who pay through PSN find it easy to use; plus they can view their payment history, bill archive and current balance due as well as have the ability to print bills and receipts and manage their payment profiles.”

What else sets PSN apart? A suite of communication vehicles that you can easily tap into. Two were especially developed for municipalities and utilities. Outbound Auto-Call Messaging lets you simply record a message, upload a resident list and PSN makes the calls for you. Residents can even press “0” to make a payment. You are also able to post online messages to individuals, groups of customers or all customers.

PSN looks forward to showing you just how easily you can be up and running with the set of PSN solutions you choose to best meet your business’ and your residents’ needs. Just contact Mike Garbutt if you would like more information or a demonstration to learn even more of what PSN can do for you.

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