Are you looking for information on contaminated properties in Wisconsin?

Are you looking for information on contaminated properties in Wisconsin?

17th September 2013

Faith Elford / Sonya N. Rowe, DNR

Following six months of development and testing, the new RR Sites Map is now available. RR Sites Map is an interactive, web mapping application that provides information about contaminated properties and other activities related to the investigation and cleanup of contaminated soil or groundwater in Wisconsin.

Local government professionals could use RR Sites Map to:

• investigate whether contamination has been identified at tax delinquent properties;
• determine how many contaminated sites are in a given area, which could be useful for planning and budgeting; and
• identify areas that have a high or low density of contaminated and cleaned up sites in order to target redevelopment priorities.

Since the beginning of the year, DNR staff have been working to upgrade RR Sites Map into a more user-friendly, intuitive interface. The new application for locating contaminated and cleaned up sites has almost all the same functionality as the former version, plus a number of new features. Some of the new features include enhanced drawing tool options, the ability to add shapefile and CSV files, the option to change measurement units on the fly, and the ability to change coordinate systems.

While this new version of RR Sites Map mostly replicates the functionality of the previous application, additional features and other enhancements are slated for a future version. Those updates include more customized “find location” tools, higher resolution aerial photography, additional years of aerial photography, and more refined map layers.

Another future update under consideration is a custom help menu. The current help menu is generic and applicable to a variety of DNR mapping applications. Since RR Sites map is a
customized application, some features differ from what’s described in the help menu. An accompanying Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is available to help explain some of these customized features and address other issues not covered in the help menu.

We welcome your questions and feedback. Please send comments and questions to

The previous version of RR Sites map will no longer be available after Friday, September 13, 2013.

Note: The new application uses the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in for your web browser. If you do not have the Silverlight plug-in installed, you will be prompted to install it.

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