The Quarterly Newsletter - The Quill - is retired

The Quarterly Newsletter - The Quill - is retired

8th January 2015

Faith Elford

After 35 years of service to the WMCA, the quarterly newsletter - The Quill has been retired.  In the 21st century with the internet and email capabilities, it has become necessary to disseminate information to our membership on a more regular basis.  A newsletter that comes out only four times a year is just not enough today.

The WMCA Quill was started shortly after the organization was formed in 1980.  Municipal clerks prepared and mailed the first newsletter of this fledgling organization within eight months of formation of the Association in July 1980.  The Quill began as two sheets of paper printed on a 80's vintage copy machine and hand stapled.  The Quill was redeveloped many times over the years, from single 11" by 17" sheets, to a folded 8 1/2" by 11" booklet with a heavy cover; to the 8 1/2" by 11" full-size and up to 24 pages depending on the time of year.  Then starting in 2002, The Quill began to appear on our website.  As with many other printed newspapers and magazines, The Quill served the WMCA well for many years, and we thank all of the editors that helped it to survive this long.

Members should watch for the WMCA E-Newsletter in your email each month.

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