The October 2013 WMCA Quill is here!

The October 2013 WMCA Quill is here!

22nd October 2013

Faith Elford

Hello Fellow Clerks,

What does the WMCA and our title-town favorites the Green Bay Packers have in common? They are both great teams! I like to think that we are just as good and productive of a team when it comes to getting that elusive ball into the end zone. To truly score, we all have to work together towards our common goals; in our case, providing invaluable education to our members. Your Board of Directors is striving to do just that. On Friday, October 4th we gathered together in the Town of Grand Chute to work for the good of the association.  Read the rest of President Van Clake's article to the membership in the October 2013 Quill. 

Did you miss the email about the new Membership Directory available to all regular members?  Read all about all of the connections you can make with the WMCA by reading the stories on pages 12-13 of the Quill.

Check out what is happening closer to home, in your own District - pages 4 and 5.

Working on your 2014 Budget.  Check out the estimated costs for your education next year on pages 15 and 16.

Download the October 2013 Quill now.

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