The October 2011 Quill is ready to read

The October 2011 Quill is ready to read

5th October 2011

Faith Elford

The October 2011 Quill is ready for you and is posted on the website.  This is the first newsletter done by our newly elected 2nd Vice President Barb Van Clake, the Deputy Clerk from the City of Omro.  You will want to check out not only the recap of the August WMCA Conference, but check out all of the new articles, puzzles and pictures that Barb has added to our quarterly newsletter!

Barb is looking to continue enhancing your newsletter and she could use your help.  Here's a message from our Quill Editor Barb Van Clake:

I would like to thank the members of our organization for electing me to the position of 2nd Vice President.  As part of the duties of my position with WMCA, I am in charge of editing the QUILL Newsletter. 
This newsletter is meant to keep the membership abreast of the happenings of our organization, and to provide insight for new educational opportunities for Wisconsin Clerks.
Although I may be editing and compiling the articles within the newsletter, I am counting on you, the membership, to become more involved.   What would you like to see in your newsletter?
Here are a few ideas I would like to pursue this coming year.  Let me know your thoughts. 

New Additions?

  • Dear G.A.B.: An advice column based on questions directed to the Government Accountability Board. 

Please forward your questions to the editor at:  Your questions will be forwarded to the appropriate contact at the G.A.B. to solve your problem or answer your question.

  • Clerks Crafting Connections

Do you participate in crafting like sewing, quilting, painting, cooking, scrapbooking, or any other crafty projects?  Tell us about it!  Submit an article for your fellow clerks to learn more about you.  Who knows, maybe you will find a fellow scrapper to connect with!

  • Clerk / Community Bios

Send a photo and tell us about yourself and your community, and we will feature you in an article.

  • Elections Suggestions

Got a tip or trick you use at your polling locations to make things run smoother?  Share the tip with friends.

  • Any topic you would like to see on a recurring basis?

Help me find a way for our members to look forward to connecting with each other through the QUILL.

Barbara Van Clake, WCMC, CMC
(920) 685-7000


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