News from the DOR on the 2015-17 Wisconsin State Budget (2015 Act 55)

News from the DOR on the 2015-17 Wisconsin State Budget (2015 Act 55)

28th July 2015

In case you missed the message from the WI Department of Revenue in the July E-Newsletter, here is their update again.

Dear Municipal Clerks,

We wanted to provide you with information about a law change in the 2015-17 budget related to "Class A" liquor licenses.

The 2015-17 Wisconsin State Budget (2015 Act 55) provides that municipalities shall issue a "Class A" liquor license if both of the following apply:
• The "Class A" liquor license application is for sales limited to cider
• The applicant for a "Class A" liquor license also holds a Class "A" beer license for the same premises
The budget provision also defines "Cider" to mean any alcohol beverage that is obtained from the fermentation of the juice of apples or pears and that contains not less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume and not more than 7.0 percent alcohol by volume. "Cider" includes flavored, sparkling, and carbonated cider.

The municipality may not charge any initial issuance fee or annual fee for a "Class A" liquor license issued under this provision.

The department has revised Form AT-106 (original alcohol beverage license application) and Form AT-115 (renewal application) to provide for a CLASS A (cider only) option. The department will soon be updating other forms, common questions and publications to include information regarding this law change.

Tom Ourada, Revenue Tax Specialist
Wisconsin Department of Revenue