District V is holding a meeting on Halloween!

District V is holding a meeting on Halloween!

4th September 2013

District 5 is having their first meeting of the 2013-2014 season at the Hoard Historical Museum in Fort Atkinson, WI.  Space is limited so you will want to get your registration in as soon as possible.  Registration is now available on-line so that you can be registered within minutes.  Click on this link to register on-line now.  Or if you would like a paper copy of the agenda and registration form, you can download the paper version at the end of this article.  Check out the classes being offered:

- Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Program (Part 2 of 2) with Virginia Fritzsch and Sarah Grimm from the Wisconsin Historical Society

Protect ‐ what steps need to be taken to protect your digital content? This module reviews practical technological protections needed to maintain the authenticity and validity of digital content over time as well as the physical protection of the systems themselves (disaster recovery, server access). Manage ‐ what provisions should be made for long term management? The Manage module introduces the essential elements of program planning, implementation, and sustainability for the long‐term management of digital content, focusing on preservation planning. Provide ‐ what considerations and challenges are there for sustainable, long‐term access to digital content? The Provide module highlights the development and implementation of access policies, intellectual property issues organizations may need to contend with and methods to track and respond to the access needs of both current and future users.

- Tech Talk with Two Computer Guys. Kyle Kontney of Kontney Computer Group and Dave Bayer of Taylor Computer Services will be discussing the differences in laptops, tablets, iPads and Ultrabooks for those of us thinking about upgrading our office computer and/or migrating our boards and councils to ePackets. 

This training session includes a session which many of you asked for, related to migrating our boards and councils to ePackets and the use of laptops, tablets, iPads and ultrabooks.

Please email Co-Director Gina Gresch (ggresch@ci.delafield.wi.us) your questions as soon as you think of them (multiple emails are ok), up to one week before the training session. Gina and JoAnn will compile the questions and send them to the presenters so they can tailor their presentation to exactly what you are looking for. Thank you!!