Are You Ready to Certify?

Are You Ready to Certify?

16th February 2015

The next deadline to submit a Wisconsin Certified Municipal Clerk(WCMC) or Wisconsin Certified Professional Clerk (WCPC) certification application is March 1, 2015. Plan ahead, compile your information and send it to the WMCA Office by this date.

When filing your WCMC or WCPC certification application, you need to attach proof of attendance for all the education you attended. Since mid-2013, when you register and attend WMCA educational sessions your class hours are posted in your record on Cvent online accessed through the Wisconsin Municipal Clerk Association website Membership Directory. For those sessions which are listed in the Cvent system, you only need to print out the one attendance page and no additional certificates of attendance will be required for all events listed. For all other training sessions, certificates are still required. We also want to remind our members that if you attend a training session that does not provide a certificate, we ask that you get the instructor to either sign the agenda indicating the number of hours that were completed or have them provide a document with this same information.

It is important when submitting your application to include copies (not originals) of the training documentation required for each and every portion of the application. Also, remember to include proof of employment from your current or from any previous employment used to earn points on the application. Incomplete applications are returned to the applicant to be corrected and resubmitted before the next application deadline.

If you have any questions about the certification process, visit the WMCA website for FAQs about the certification program or contact any one of the committee members. Questions related to the Cvent online system are to be directed to the Executive Director Faith Elford.

The State Certification Committee will be meeting March 10th to review the applications submitted. After March 1, 2015, the next deadline to submit a WCMC or WCPC application will be October 1, 2015.

WMCA State Certification Committee:
Nancy Zastrow, WCMC/CMC, Co-Chair, Village of Pewaukee
Jane Romanowski, WCPC/MMC, Co-Chair, Village of Pleasant Prairie