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From 2016-17 WMCA President Chris Astrella WCPC

Chris Astrella, President

Happy Spring everyone!

Finally, and I mean FINALLY I think spring is here to stay and with that comes warm weather, no more winter clothes and BASEBALL! I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer temperatures and getting outside more. Most important of all though I hope everyone’s April Election went great and that we all enjoy the break until next year. I’ve heard there are a few people who have some small elections in May/June so I hope those are quick and the margins of victory are large!

Spring District meetings are scheduled, or being scheduled, and you can find Board of Review Training at most of them. This is a great option not only for you, but for your boards and councils to get trained as well. If you watch the video put out by the UW Extension, you might see a familiar face or two as actors. Remember, you don’t have to go to your own district meeting! If you find an adjoining district has topics you’d rather participate in, or is closer to you, you can attend. It’s a great way to meet your colleagues from a different part of the state too.  read more>

Picture: 2016-17 WMCA President Chris Astrella WCPC




  • Adopt-A-Clerk Program - We match new clerks with a seasoned clerk from the same type and size municipality.  Call on them when you have a question.
  • The Clerk’s Listserv (e-mail network) - an invaluable tool for communicating with over 600 other WMCA clerks instantly.  A place to ask questions and get quick answers.
  • The WMCA Clerks Manual - The Clerk’s manual is a practical and useful guide to the new Clerk and the old pros. It is a reference guide of the basic duties of a town, village or city clerk.
  • Monthly E-Newsletter - the WMCA newsletter, emailed monthly, is filled with up-to-date information about upcoming events, recent happenings and pertinent information for members.
  • Professional Education - from one-day workshops to a wide selection of classes during our three-day conference.
  • Certification - become a Wisconsin Certified Municipal Clerk and ultimately a Wisconsin Certified Professional Clerk
  • And much more.