The Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association was formed in 1980 and is 1,400 members strong and still growing.

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From 2016-17 WMCA President Chris Astrella WCPC

Chris Astrella, President

Seems as though summer is finally here, and we can enjoy the warm weather for the next three + months. I hope you’re all doing well, and catching up on stuff given there aren’t any elections until February! May was particularly busy for me as I attended the Northern Conference with around 150 Clerks. It was another rousing success! I had a couple of weeks at work, and then travelled to Montreal, Canada for the IIMC Conference, and this year was spectacular. Perhaps it was the authentic smoked meat, croque monssier, or the delicious cup of chocolate I had, but the classes were awesome and the venue was as well. If you ever have a chance to go to Montreal, trust me; you’ll love it. I left Montreal for a week at Walt Disney World to celebrate my wife receiving her Doctorate (I’m married to a Dr.!) and then we came back home to see my nephew graduate high school in River Falls. I blinked and May was over.   read more>

Picture: 2016-17 WMCA President Chris Astrella WCPC




  • Adopt-A-Clerk Program - We match new clerks with a seasoned clerk from the same type and size municipality.  Call on them when you have a question.
  • The Clerk’s Listserv (e-mail network) - an invaluable tool for communicating with over 600 other WMCA clerks instantly.  A place to ask questions and get quick answers.
  • The WMCA Clerks Manual - The Clerk’s manual is a practical and useful guide to the new Clerk and the old pros. It is a reference guide of the basic duties of a town, village or city clerk.
  • Monthly E-Newsletter - the WMCA newsletter, emailed monthly, is filled with up-to-date information about upcoming events, recent happenings and pertinent information for members.
  • Professional Education - from one-day workshops to a wide selection of classes during our three-day conference.
  • Certification - become a Wisconsin Certified Municipal Clerk and ultimately a Wisconsin Certified Professional Clerk
  • And much more.